What Is Adjust This?

Adjust This is a company dedicated to improving the lives of insurance adjusters.

To achieve this goal, we offer:

  • Adjuster licensing guides
  • Career resources
  • Tool reviews and suggestions
  • VIP adjuster newsletter

What Do We Stand For?

We believe that companies should be led by a strong mission, a clear vision, and values that resonate with leadership, employees, and members. This belief pushes us to build products and services to not only reach goals, but help you achieve your goals as well.

Our Mission

Maximizing the lives of insurance adjusters by becoming the most useful and actionable resource in the world.

Our Vision

To be regarded as an essential resource to all insurance adjusters and grow a spirit of belonging, camaraderie, and pride in our members.

Our Values

Communication – whether written, spoken, or otherwise – is not only the key to strong business, but a healthy life. When it comes down to it, communication is everything.

  • Always strive to be clear, provide clarity, and be empathetic in your communication.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • When in doubt or under stress, communicate more.

Giving your best should be mandatory any time. Ensuring that your best is better with each attempt is our goal. Measure, test, tweak, repeat.

If you act without thinking, you risk an effective outcome. If you think without acting, the outcome is chosen for you. Thinking and acting go hand-in-hand. One does not work without the other.

Strive first to be effective, then efficient. Consider all angles and never scale a problem.

Everything we create should feel as though it was hand-tailored – with each and every detail accounted for. When something is beautiful, it feels natural, comfortable, intuitive, complete.

We don’t create products. We don’t create services. We create beautiful experiences.

In each decision and action, consider how you would act if you were the owner of the company.

  • Take responsibility
  • Never sacrifice the long-term for the short-term
  • Set a positive example – Be the change you wish to see in the world

When searching for a solution, ask yourself: If love were the answer to this question, what would that look like?

Kindness and integrity are the price of entry.

Always find a win-win solution. If someone feels like they are losing, a strong and long-lasting relationship can never be built.

We’re all on the same team working to accomplish the same goal. We may not work on the same objectives, projects, products, or services, but everything we do is in service to the one mission of Adjust This.

Meet the Team

Ethan Peyton

Founder / CEO

Michaela Dale

Head of Content