Best Claims Adjuster Certifications


If you’ve been in or around the claims industry for more than 5 seconds, you know that certifications are an important part of the adjuster career – especially for independent adjusters.

You’ve probably also figured out that there are hundreds of certifications and training courses marketed to adjusters. Whether it’s software, the basics of insurance, construction, customer service, or just general claims handling, the options are endless.

We’ve put this guide together to cut through the noise and give you the best claims adjuster certifications to move your career forward.

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Xactimate Certification 

Xactimate is a software by Verisk used by claims adjusters to accurately and quickly complete the claims filing process. A strong knowledge of the Xactimate platform is essential for insurance adjusters. Xactimate certifications help convey to potential employers such as independent adjuster (IA) firms that you are proficient in the software, making you a more appealing candidate. 

Verisk offers three Xactimate certifications

  • Level 1 Certification – Xactimate Fundamentals 
  • Level 2 Certification – Xactimate Proficiency
  • Level 3 Certification – Xactimate Mastery 

To obtain any of the three Xactimate certifications, you are required to pass an exam which costs $105. Once passed, the certification is valid for two years. 

Before you jump into an Xactimate exam, however, it is recommended that you complete exam preparation. Verisk provides a variety of resources and tools to prepare for each exam. Alternatively, AdjusterPro offers Tactical Xactimate Training for $249 if you simply want to learn more about Xactimate or utilize this course for your continued education (CE) hours.

Learn more about the AdjusterPro Tactical Xactimate Training course.

State Farm Property Adjuster Certification 

Many insurance companies require a specific certification in order to adjust claims for the company. For independent adjusters, the two State Farm certifications are Auto Certification and Fire & Casualty Certification. 

State Farm is a giant in the insurance industry, insuring more vehicles and homes than any other insurance provider in the country, making it one of the most important certifications to obtain as an insurance adjuster. However, in order to obtain this certification, you will need to go through your independent adjuster (IA) firm. 

Many IA firms offer approved certification courses. The only way to obtain a State Farm Property Adjuster Certification is through your IA firm. To make matters a bit more complicated, not all IA firms are able to offer this approved course. Only IA firms that handle a large amount of State Farm claims offer this certification. Therefore you will need to check in with your firm to see if you are able to obtain this certification through them. 

Associate in Claims (AIC)

Offered by The Institutes Knowledge Group, the Associate in Claims (AIC) provides adjusters with on-the-job work experience that can be used to land jobs and develop career-building skills. The four-requirement program takes roughly 9-12 months to complete with each course averaging 6-8 weeks for completion. 

For experienced insurance adjusters seeking to develop a more in-depth understanding of the insurance industry as a whole, this is a great resource. The program will provide a more comprehensive understanding of how each piece of the insurance industry interacts from public and legal implications to how the industry is organized. 

Costs associated with the program include $365 per module for four modules and between $224 to $319 for the exam. Career skills included in the program are claims handling, claims resolution, claims investigation, fraud prevention, interviewing, negotiation, data analysis, communication, and inter-departmental collaboration. 

Learn more about the Associate in Claims (AIC) program. 

Associate in General Insurance (AINS)

This certificate may be less suitable for insurance adjuster than the AIC but the AINS still provides valuable knowledge about the insurance industry, policy, and practices. Also offered by The Institutes Knowledge Group, an Associate in General Insurance (AINS) is a 3-6 month program composed of three courses plus ethics. Each course averages about 6-9 hours to complete.  

To complete the course, you are required to choose an expertise: either AINS 102: Understanding Personal Insurance or AINS 103: Exploring Commercial Insurance as well as an elective. 

Costs associated with the course include $315 per course for materials and between $215 to $309 for the exams. Career skills included in the program include insurance, claims handling, coverage analysis, customer service, risk assessment, insurance operations, personal insurance, commercial insurance, and cross-organizational collaboration. 

Learn more about the Associate in General Insurance (AINS) program. 

NFIP’s Flood Control Number 

In order to adjust flood losses for the NFIP, independent adjusters must obtain a Flood Control Number (FCN). NFIP or National Flood Insurance Program of the Department of Homeland Security offers claims adjusters courses to renew or obtain FCNs. 

To participate, adjusters must first submit an Adjuster’s Registration Application and meet one of five registration requirements: residential (dwelling), manufactured (mobile) home/travel trailer, small commercial (general property), large commercial (general property), or condominium (RCBAP). 

The NFIP also offers several free online courses for adjusters to increase their knowledge around a variety of topics. However, it is important to note that these courses do not apply to continued education (CE) requirements. 

Learn more about the NFIP’s Flood Insurance Program

HAAG Certifications 

HAAG is a trusted name in certifications for inspectors, specifically in the realms of residential roofs, commercial roods, and wind damage. For property adjusters, HAAG certifications can help with proficiency in each area, providing a higher level of expertise during the hiring process or in the case of a claim dispute. 

HAAG offers three certifications including the Wind Damage Inspector Certification, Commercial Roof Inspector Certification, and Residential Roof Certification. Each provides an in-depth understanding of either all major roof types or wind events as well as how to evaluate and document damage. 

To obtain any of the HAAG certifications, you will be required to take a course and pass an online proctored exam by at least 70%. Each course with the exam included costs $799 and ranges from 12 to 14 hours to complete. Additionally, each course requires either 100 minimum hours of experience or specific designations in order to participate.

Learn more about HAAG Certifications

Adjuster Certification FAQ

Which certifications should new adjusters focus on?

New adjusters should focus on the Xactimate Fundamentals and Proficiency (levels one and two) certifications. These show that you have a deep understanding of Xactimate, the industry standard software for claims adjusting.

What do certifications do for insurance adjusters?

Certifications like the Xactimate Fundamentals or Associate In Claims show IA firms that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to properly operate tools, process claims, and handle customer interactions properly. Certifications can make your resume or application stand above competitors that don’t have the same credentials.