Adjuster Packing List

Author: Ethan Peyton

If you’re heading out on a CAT deployment, the last thing you should be worrying about is what to toss in the back of the truck.

We’ve put together this adjuster packing list to ensure that when you get the call to deploy, you can get out the door with time to spare – without forgetting your toothbrush.

Note: You’ll notice there are no tools on this list. Any adjuster worth their salt should already have this packed and ready to go.

This is the Adjust This CAT Pack 1.0


What to pack:

Work shirts

Work pants



Work boots


Comfy clothes

Rain Coat

Wide-brimmed hat


Laundry detergent sheets

Where to pack: Rolling Suitcase

When to pack: Right before you leave


  • Keep your suitcase in a convenient location in the house.
  • Store any deployment-specific clothing folded or rolled in the suitcase ready to go.
  • Comfy clothes are your friend when it’s time to sit down for computer work.
  • Don’t overpack. Plan to do laundry at the hotel if your stay is extended.


What to pack:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

Shampoo and body wash

Cotton swabs

First-aid kit

Sun screen

Bug spray

Travel toilet paper

Hand lotion

Hand sanitizer

Lip balm

Where to pack: Toiletries bag

When to pack: Keep this packed year-round


  • Don’t use your everyday at-home toiletries. The items here are inexpensive, so go ahead and make yourself a travel kit. This will come in handy for vacations too!
  • Store your toiletries bag in your rolling suitcase. That’s one less thing to think about when you’re packing for the road.


What to pack:

Work Laptop

Laptop charger

Phone charger

Power strip

DC to AC power inverter

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Where to pack: Every day work backpack

When to pack: This bag should be your go-to work bag


  • Keep a dedicated phone charger packed in your bag so you can’t forget it. Consider a dedicated laptop charger as well.
  • The power strip is a lifesaver for setting up your workstation in the hotel room.
  • In catastrophe situations, electricity may not be reliable. An DC to AC inverter will ensure you can keep your electronics powered up – so you can keep working.


What to pack:

5-Gallons gas can – full (stored in garage)

Tire patch/plug kits

Portable battery jumper

Portable air compressor

Portable auto tool kit

Where to pack: Plastic storage bin or toolbox

When to pack: Keep this packed year-round – fill the gas can right before leaving


  • If you aren’t familiar with tire patch kits, you can use a can of fix-a-flat. Be warned, however – you’ll probably need to replace the tire if you use the canned stuff.
  • Once per quarter, check the air pressure in your spare tire. They never fail to be flat when you need them.


What to pack:

Case of water (possibly more than one)

Healthy, handy snacks

Metal Utensils


Water filter pitcher

Portable cooker (and food to cook)

Cooking gear

Meal replacement kits/shakes

Where to pack: Cooler or plastic storage bin

When to pack: Keep this packed and ready to go – purchase any perishable food right before leaving


  • This list is merely a suggestion. If you deploy often, find what works for you and optimize to your heart’s content!
  • It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits when you’re on the road. Be sure you’re finding ways to stay out of the fast food restaurants when you can.
  • When you pack snacks, be sure they are things you will actually eat. Don’t buy a box of granola bars if you know don’t eat granola bars.

Quality of Life

What to pack:

Cash ($100 – $300)

Steering wheel desk

Windshield sun shade

Computer mouse

Additional monitor

iPad or tablet

Audible subscription or podcasts


Where to pack: Keep these items where they make sense and won’t be forgotten

When to pack: Depends on the item


  • This is a list of suggestions for things that will make your life easier. Add anything that will make your job easier or your stay more comfortable!
  • An additional monitor may sound bougie, but when it’s paperwork day and you’re sitting in front of a laptop for 14 hours, your neck will thank you.
  • The radio tends to get old quickly when you’re always on the road. If you’re looking for a podcast, check out Startup Savant (a blast from my past).

Do you see anything missing from this list? Send a message to let us know what we missed, or send us your whole list! We’d love to hear what how you’re making the best of your deployments!