CLM – Claims Unleashed – 2024

April 2
April 4
San Francisco, CA

Event Description

CLM – Claims Unleashed 2024 is an impactful conference aimed at professionals in the claims and litigation management sector, set to occur in San Francisco from April 2 to 4, 2024.

This annual conference aims to bring together knowledge leaders from the insurance industry to share their insights on the best practices, latest technologies, and innovative processes in claims management. The objective is to enhance the collective expertise of attendees by discussing hot topics, sharing key learnings through roundtable presentations, and offering numerous sessions that delve into the practical aspects of claims resolution and litigation management.

Attendees will include a wide range of insurance professionals, from Chief Claims Officers (CCOs) to influential figures in the online and publication spaces, providing a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

The conference promises to offer more than just insightful discussions; it’s structured to support continuing education through the possibility of earning CE/CLE credits. With over 90 sessions lined up, the event addresses real-world job-related queries and introduces participants to thought leaders and innovators in the field.

The two Premier Panels, focusing on unleashing potential in claims management and examining the dynamics between outside defense counsel and carriers, highlight the event’s commitment to exploring critical industry themes.

Social and networking events are pivotal components of AC24, beginning with a kick-off party featuring Justin Willman, a well-known magician and comedian, and continuing with a “Taste of San Francisco” party that showcases the city’s famous culinary delights. The farewell networking reception and dinner offer one last chance for attendees to engage with peers and experts in a relaxed setting.

These gatherings, along with the educational sessions, underscore the conference’s dual focus on professional growth and community building within the claims resolution and litigation management sector.

AC24 represents a not-to-be-missed opportunity for professionals looking to advance their knowledge, network with peers, and explore the latest trends and challenges in the industry.

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Continuing Education

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San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Marriott Marquis


April 2
April 4


Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

Registration Fee

Member - $1,599
Fellow - $799
Member/Fellow - $299
HOTEL - $290/night

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Author: Ethan Peyton